Intelligent Queue
For Price Tags Changing

Your retail chain works without electronic price tags and launches dynamic pricing.
How will dynamic pricing work, and how will the store change its price tags?

There are several thousand SKUs in our store's assortment.
We don't have enough staff to change all the price tags in the store every day. The store's employees only can change up to 200 price tags per day.
Imprice platform has a "Smart Queue".
This tool automatically determines which price tags the store should change as soon as possible, and which prices may be changed later.
The "Smart Queue" work result is a ranked list:

Goods whose price tags should be changed urgently.
Items whose price tags could be changed in the second turn.
SKUs which could wait for the third turn of price tags changing.
And so on.

The top of the list contains scarce goods, top-selling goods, and items that have a strong impact on gross profit.
What does the algorithm consider first while determining the "urgency of the price tag changing"?

The item's cost price has changed, and markup has crucially fallen or even become negative.
The store gains significant profit due to the item sales.
According to the forecast, the product will greatly affect the gross profit of the store.
It is crucial to use the "Smart Queue" if suppliers constantly change and increase cost prices for a large part of the store's assortment range.

The tool significantly reduces the store's staff workload for price tags changing.
An example of how it works. The store's assortment range is 3000 SKUs. A daily limit for prices changing is up to 250 price tags.

"Smart Queue" identified 100 of the most important SKUs that affect gross profit significantly (in fact or according to a forecast). Prices of these SKUs should be changed urgently.
Dynamic pricing platform calculated new prices for another 550 items. 100 of them are in "the second turn list" of the "Smart Queue". The other 450 are in "the third turn list".

The store will automatically receive a list of 250 items with new prices:
100 "most important" SKUs,
100 "second turn" SKUs,
50 "third turn" SKUs.
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